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by Jiehae Park
Directed by Ty Nii

Stage Manager: Emily Searles

Scenic/Co-Projection Designer: Michael Wogulis

Costume Designer: Grace Wong

Lighting/Co-Projection Designer: Shelby Thach

Sound Designer: Salvador Zamora


Director's Statement:

"Flash back to the turn of the 2010's, Asian Twins M and L eagerly await their acceptance letter to The College, a guaranteed path to success. The College only takes one. M, an Asian woman, the top of her class in grades and beauty, and a perfect candidate is not that one. Her spot at The College is usurped by a boy, who has nothing she does. So, the twins hatch a plan and decide to do the most logical thing possible, murder him. How far will we go to get what we want? The twins are so close to fulfilling their dreams, and now have only one thing standing in their way."

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