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Hells Canyon

by Keiko Green
Directed by Vanessa Stalling

Stage Manager: Karina Ortega

Scenic Designer: Michael Wogulis

Costume Designer: Grace Wong

Lighting Designer: Bryan Ealey

Sound Designer: Salvador Zamora


In an effort to bring the horror film aesthetic to a live stage, 

the SFX coordinator would press a midi foot switch while simultaneously swinging a sandbag against the back of a door. As the door visibly shakes from the impacts a dramaticized sound cue is fired in sync, creating a horrific experience for the audience.


Director's Statement:

"Hells Canyon is a horror film for the stage. It will make you laugh, cry, scream, and most importantly, think. The characters in the play are haunted by a heinous moment of racial violence against people of Chinese descent, the Hells Canyon Massacre. As violence ultimately stems from fear, it makes sense that each character is grappling, in one way or another, with their own personal fears. And in this world, the longer violent histories are unaddressed and covered over, the more they fester and infect us all - earth, plant, animals, and people."

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