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Salvador Zamora

Salvador "Suavecito" Zamora is a sound designer, composer, engineer/producer, and dancer. He's passionate about his border town communities, Latinx culture, and the connection between sound and movement. Originally from San Diego, California, Salvador holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Computer and Art Major (ICAM) and his MFA in Sound Design, both from the University of California, San Diego. You can read his published thesis on The Sound of Movement below.


Classically trained, he spent most of his youth playing violin in school and regional orchestras. As a self-taught guitarist and pianist, he was part of worship bands in his communities growing up. Seeing how sound could move a community, he found himself wanting to compose and design original work. In celebration of his culture, Salvador is an avid salsa and bachata dancer. With his experience competing at the collegiate level and performing on the national level, he taught latin dance classes throughout his undergraduate career. During this time, he also worked as a recording engineer and event technician, where he found experience in live concert tracking and mixing, sound system design, and technical event setup.​

With a passion for his culture and upbringing, Salvador's compositions are often influenced by hip-hop, reggaeton, Mexican ballads, and classical music. While resampling audio material has always been a staple of his compositions, he can often be heard playing in his own pieces. His sound design often utilizes discrete control of systems creating clear spatialization of sounds in a space, but his focus lies of the connection between sound and movement.

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