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Meladi Thive and
Her Words of Comfort

by Preston Choi
Directed by Cambria Herrera

Stage Manager: Jared Blake Halsell

Sound Design, Composition, Foley Design,

Recording, and Editing: Salvador Zamora


Director's Statement:

"For so many of us, life has recently shifted dramatically. As our current pandemic has left us lonelier and less hopeful than ever before, we might search for anything that offers even a tease of relief, purpose, or happiness. In this short rollercoaster of an audio play, I resonate with the complacency and desperation of Owen, an average guy with an average job, living in his average apartment with his cat. I also resonate with his arch-nemesis, Eugene, the supervisor who’s just trying to get through the job that nobody likes. And when younger brother, Roy offers a shortcut to happiness in the form of self-help tapes, I recognize my own craving that finding happiness was as easy as repeating mantras and following directions. But along Owen’s journey of skepticism, laughs, acceptance, spooks, and surprises, I’m inspired to wonder if maybe we all have something in us that can keep us going even when all seems lost?"

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