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Town Hall

by Caridad Svich
Directed by Cambria Herrera

Stage Manager: Allison Bailey

Scenic Designer: Michael Wogulis

Costume Designer: Zoë Trautmann

Lighting Designer: Harrison Foster

Sound Designer and Composer: Salvador Zamora

Town hall Instagram 2.5.png

Holler War

original adaptation by Salvador Zamora


Director's Statement:

"Town Hall is simultaneously an epic exploration and a plain old room to gather. Four actors playing searching characters, or maybe just themselves, guide us in dreaming...  From the comfort of our own living rooms, the performers offer us brutally honest conversation, memories of joy, secrets of shame, challenging questions, and their heart songs to reimagine how we behave in the theatre and the world. During a pandemic, can we even acknowledge all the suffering occurring around the world? If we try, do we have any belief left in us to imagine a brighter future? Can we still dream? Can we begin to form a plan for a better world? Town Hall questions how we are “us” and how we can move forward after all that’s happened."

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