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Here There Are Blueberries

by Moisés Kaufman and Amanda Gronich
Conceived and Directed by Moisés Kaufman

Stage Manager: Lora K. Powell

Scenic Designer: Derek McLane

Costume Designer: Dede Ayite

Lighting Designer: David Lander

Projection Designer: David Bengali

Sound Designer: Bobby McElver

Assistant Sound Designer: Salvador Zamora

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blueberries pic3.jpeg

Director's Statement:

"An album of never before seen World War II-era photographs arrives at the desk of United States Holocaust Memorial Museum archivist Rebecca Erbelding. As Rebecca and her team of historians begin to unravel the shocking story behind the images, the album soon makes headlines around the world. In Germany, a businessman sees the album online and recognizes his own grandfather in the photos. He begins a journey of discovery that will take him into the lives of other Nazi descendants – in a reckoning of his family’s past and his country’s history. Here There Are Blueberries tells the story of these photographs – what they reveal about the Holocaust and our own humanity."

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